About StratSketch

An interactive map planning tool for online games


The first version of StratSketch was written in mid-2014 as a prototype for a World of Tanks clan that wanted a better tool for planning map strategies. This initial prototype was never publicly released, as a newer version with better performance and more features was needed before it went live.


The new version of StratSketch was the first to be available to the public. It was a desktop application that the entire team had to download. As StratSketch took off and grew in popularity, this clearly needed to be addressed with a more easily accessible version.


The first web-based version of StratSketch was launched in mid-2016. The features were nearly identical to the old desktop version, but it could be used on any platform and strategies could be shared with the click of a link.

2023 - Now

While the web versioned served everyone well for years, technologies change and a revamp was needed. It was time to re-build StratSketch from the ground up. This latest version of StratSketch took the best and made it even better with new features such as strategy previews, fully real-time editing, and more.