Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I share a briefing?

    Simply copy the URL of the briefing and share it with your team!

  • How can I let someone else edit?

    If you are the creator or editor of a map, right click a user’s name in the user-list to give them access to edit. If they leave and re-join the briefing, they will retain their editing permissions. You can also change the permissions on the briefing to allow all users to edit it.

  • How can I make a copy of a briefing?

    You can duplicate a briefing from the file menu on the briefing page, or by right clicking a briefing in the join briefing dialog.

  • What is presentation mode?

    Presentation mode is available to editors of a briefing and will take control of everyone’s screen so that they see the exact same slide and area of the map as you. They will also see your cursor, so you can easily point things out while speaking. When zooming in or out, they will also be zoomed to the same area.

  • How can I bookmark a briefing for later?

    If you like someone else’s briefing, simply click the star icon next to the briefing name to add it to your favorites. You can then access your favorites through the join briefing dialog.

  • How do I change the color or size of an item?

    Choose the selection tool, then click and drag across the map to select items. Then, you can click a color to change the color of all selected items. You can also switch tools to another tool such as the line tool, and edit the size or other properties of all items at once.

  • How do you edit text?

    To edit text, choose the text tool and then click the text.