StratSketch Update 3.1

Today we are releasing the first major update for StratSketch web, bringing three new tools, a major performance improvement, and many fixes for issues affecting some users.

New Features

  • Three new tools: A circle, rectangle, and measuring tool were added. The size of the map is now displayed in the panel for the measuring tool, and the icons and ordering of the tools were changed. Image

  • New rendering engine: A new, faster rendering engine has been created from scratch. Most users should see a large performance improvement. (Performance stats can now be toggled by pressing D)

  • World of Tanks Blitz maps: Maps for WoT Blitz have been added. Expect many other games to also be added soon!

  • Blank map: A blank map has been added so you can teach strategies by designing your own situations.


  • The ping tool now only creates one ring, and can be held down while moving to create more.
  • Proper Z-Indexing has been implemented. The layering of items will now be consistent and deleting or moving items on top of each other will act predictably.

    Bug Fixes

  • An issue with the map going blank after switching tabs or windows has been fixed.
  • Fix ranks of users not saving.
  • Dialogs on Internet Explorer no longer flash when closing them.

In the next update, we will be focusing on an overhaul of the presentation system, and many visual improvements to the website. Follow the new StratSketch twitter account for more news and updates!