StratSketch v4 is here!

Hello everyone,

As of today, the new and improved version of StratSketch has been launched!

This new version is the result of over a year and a half of work to completely rewrite StratSketch from the ground up. It now has better performance, more features, and a new look.

What’s new:

  • HD Maps (4x quality of in-game maps)

  • New games

  • Upload your own images

  • Slides can have different maps

  • Folder organization for briefings

  • See recent and shared briefings

  • Online count in briefing list

  • Briefing organizer and slides show a real image of them

  • More icons

  • Can select items

  • Can change color or style of items after placing them

  • EVERYTHING is realtime (lines, shapes, etc are shown as you are building them)

  • Cursors show who is editing

  • Undo/redo supported for everything

  • Bases are shown when selecting a map (and the icons are better)

  • Improved text tool (alignment, inline editing added)

  • Can see who has editor access to briefing (even if they are not currently online)

  • Adjustment points show how items can be edited (e.g. moving points of a line)

In short, almost everything that has been suggested over the years has been added.

While I have tested the new version thoroughly, I haven’t been able to test it with thousands of users online yet, so there may be some hiccups in the coming days to resolve. If you find any issues, please send me an email right away and I’ll get to work fixing it. Please include as much detail as possible about the issue (pictures and videos help a lot).


The previous version of had support for 18 languages. With all of the new text in this version, I need help translating the application into additional languages. If you speak another language fluently and can help with this, please get in contact! It only takes a few hours to translate the files to make StratSketch accessible to gamers around the world.


I started StratSketch back in 2014 as a tool for my team to use for sharing strategies in World of Tanks. It’s evolved over the years from a desktop application to a modern web app. This new version was even more complex than ever and requires a lot of resources to keep it running as a free service for what will soon be a decade. If you are able to contribute, any donations are greatly appreciated to help pay for the server and bandwidth costs.

Enjoy the new version!