StratSketch Web Beta

I am excited to announce that public beta testing of the new web version of StratSketch will begin today. Six months ago I began on this project as it was the most highly suggested improvement to StratSketch, and now it is finally ready for testing.

Existing users will feel right at home as StratSketch web has a familiar interface and all of the same major features as the old desktop version. Those who were having difficulty getting their entire clan to download StratSketch will now be able to use it by just sharing a link. The web interface works on all platforms so the increasing number of Mac and Linux users will now be able to join.

I have put a lot of work into the web version and have made an effort to fix any bugs before beta, however there may still be some minor issues that I will need help finding. There are a few small features from the desktop version that have not been implemented, as well as some new ideas I have that I have not gotten around to yet. Expect these new features and improvements, along with many of your suggestions, to be implemented soon as StratSketch progresses toward a stable release.

Please note that your current StratSketch accounts will work on the web version, however the briefings will not be transferred over until May 28th, and a week later the desktop version will be discontinued. Once StratSketch is fully tested and beta ends there will be a stronger push to migrate to the web version.

Special thanks to the wonderful users who translated StratSketch to five different languages and to those supporting StratSketch on Patreon.

Please post any suggestions, comments, or bug reports on the forums, and feel free to share StratSketch with others who would benefit from it.

Click here to go to StratSketch web.

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Important Dates:

May 28th: All desktop briefings will be converted to the new web format and copied over. This will only be happening once, so it is suggested that you move to the web version afterwards. Any briefings you make before this date will still be in your account.

June 4th: The desktop version will be discontinued. Click here to go to StratSketch web.